The most stunning Tropics of Argentina [ENG]

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

We went to the tropical region of #Argentina - Misiones province - which attracts with the beauty of its nature, an abundance of waterfalls, cascades, and rivers...

Every inch of this land fills you with new experiences and inspiration to travel further and further... or stay longer, enjoying the splendor.

The small town of #PuertoIguazu

which is located on the border of three countries: Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay – gave a sense of fullness and slowness. Here you don't want to rush... here you wanna enjoy every moment... enjoy the simplicity of life. This is the exact place where you can go outside, and easily pick avocados from the nearest tree and bake them for dinner. And in the late evenings, the splendor of the frog choir fills the tight, humid air.

The rain starts quickly here, and all the clothes get wet to the skin in a matter of seconds. It's so nice after a period of sultry days! And walking in the tropical rain brings true pleasure. It's also enjoyable to be at home listening to the rain on the roof…

In the rain, oddly enough, it turned out to be amazing and visit the #IguazuWaterfalls – this is the time when the flow of tourists here decreases, and the beauty of nature becomes special and magical…

Iguazu waterfalls

are a special place of power - a point of connection of several elements at once. And above all, it is water. Here it is powerful and rapid, especially in the Throat of the Devil - #GargantaDelDiablo - where it falls down from a great height of numerous streams.

With powerful updrafts of air, the water of the waterfalls is lifted in the form of fine spray, mist, and clouds. Therefore, always in sunny weather, you can enjoy the gazing of the rainbow, shimmering with all the colors of the day. In these humid updrafts, birds of prey soar, spiraling upward, circling above the elements.

Water is also calm here, crystal clear, giving coolness, flowing here in the form of mountain streams and small rivers... where you can swim in the heat of the day, enjoying the shade of the overhanging #jungle.

You want to come back here again, again and again…

The nature of #Misiones

abounds with wild animals, birds, and butterflies. During periods when the place is flooded with tourists, #koati come here with their cubs. When the influx of people becomes less, jaguars come out of the depths of the #jungle.

The #Parana river

the one that fills the Iguazu waterfalls, is the natural dividing line between Argentina - Brazil, Argentina - Paraguay. Here the water energy is more calm, flowing, and meditative.

When we arrived on the Parana's bank downstream, we found magnificent stone shores, quiet backwaters surrounded by jungle, singing cicadas and tropical flowers. It is very quick to be in the wild in a few minutes, and this nature rewards you with its gifts and beauty.

And it's so easy to be yourself here!

The whole area is rich in streams, cascades, bays where you can swim and dive... or just gazing at the beautiful diverse water, recalling many reflections of yourself in it.

This place feels like a unique combination of elements: water, air, light, trees... and of course minerals. The world-famous #amethyst, #citrine, and #topaz mines surprise you here. It's more like caves where ancient dragons might have lived, guarding their treasures.

There is a complete sense that the #crystals grow as well as flowers on trees. They are alive but much slower. Their awareness is slow but so clear and pure that in contact with them, your perception also becomes clear and focused. Perhaps you will find "your" crystal, which will want to go further with you, as it happened with us.

It is also a good time to spend on the #road, enjoying the slow #landscapes of the countryside, small talks with the local population, which turned out to be very welcoming.

The journey continues…

When you feel the irresistible call of your heart to be in these places - let us know, and we will guide you along the trails far from tourist routes, where you can connect with yourself as never before... where in contact with nature, you can feel all the charm, depth, and magic of this amazing life!

See you in Argentinian Tropics!

Your Ameyali Team

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