Fish of power in the place of power ... or …The Art Of Traveling [ENG]

When traveling, it is very important to maintain a #balance... a balance in everything: how much weight you carry on your shoulders, how much rest you take, what you eat, how you cook, how you take care of your body and spirit.

And when you meet such magical places as what we found in the tropical zone of #Ecuador, it is very natural to eat what the local nature gifts you.

The charm of tropical #lagoons impresses with its beauty and wonder. Local plants-filtrators make the water suitable for fish, crabs, and shellfish, and flocks of waterfowl arrive here every morning.

And in the evening....

You can set up #fishingnets in the evening…

And if in the evening the surface of the water was open, then in the morning the picture changed rapidly — floating plants filled almost the entire space and the fishing net as well…

But the fish is caught! - #tilapia, #cichlids, and beautiful crab :))

How to fish while sitting underwater, shared a local resident named “Piranha” — the name was not given to him in vain, but because he can really catch any fish! Piranha also showed us how to prepare banana leaves for baking fish.

(Watch the video on our Instagram here: @ameyali.ea )

The oven is lit, the net is assembled, the fish is ready to be baked…

And here it is – The Art of Traveling – eating what the local nature gifts you!

Make your journey an Art!

The Ameyali Team


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