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To the recalling of the heart 

March 1-14, 2021
Peru, Amazonian Jungle

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It's great news you have decided to take a step forward to this unknown adventure! 


For joining this new authentic experience and to pre-book your reservation at The Jungle Trip, in March 1-14, 2021, please fill the pre-registration form

As before each of our authentic tours, we would like to know more about you and why you’re interested in living this experience. Therefore after you filling the pre-registration form:

  • You will receive an invitation to an online private meeting with us and more details to finish your registration

After your registration and payment have done:

  • You will start your Individual Preparatory Program before the tour that includes: ​4 private sessions online, an individual special diet program, individual recommendations, guided meditations

Looking forward to seeing you in Jungles!

The Ameayali Team


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